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Your Efficient Reinsurance Partner
Reinsurance Advice And Planning
Sound reinsurance advice is at the core of our offerings. We perform details analysis of client specific requirements, data as well as strategic objectives as the primary basis for formulating our advice for any reinsurance planning.
Your Efficient Reinsurance Partner
Reinsurance Technical Audits
The effectiveness of any reinsurance programme is dependent on the accurate and proper implementation of the programme.
Mukfin-vehicle insurance
Your Efficient Reinsurance Partner
Process Engineering For Reinsurance, Underwriting And Claims Functions
Our in-depth understanding of the insurance and reinsurance business gives us the edge in terms of assisting our clients to review and redesign their workflow processes.
Your Efficient Reinsurance Partner
Technical Training
Our corporate social responsibility is human capacity building in the insurance sector. We believe that we have a role to play in developing and enhancing skills in Africa.
Commercial Insurance
Bonds and Guarantees
Performance Bonds, Retention Bonds, Advance Payment Bonds, Maintenance Bonds, Bid Bonds..
We commit to do our best in order to achieve the highest possible standards. We are the preferred reinsurance broker in Southern Africa.

Independent Reinsurance Consulting Services

Sky Bridge Reinsurance Brokers provides independent reinsurance consulting services for the following categories of insurers:

Know your Policy

We provide high quality training in reinsurance and the related insurance products as our corporate social responsibility to contribute towards skills development in the markets where we do business.

Yellow card scheme

A reinsurance treaty provides blanket coverage to a cedant for a pre-defined portfolio
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Designing effective Risk Profiles

Treaty renewals can be a very stressful process if your statistics are not
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Loss occurrence limit

The loss occurrence limit refers to the maximum amount payable to the cedant
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